Monday, September 1, 2008

"It seems like the chaos of this world is accelerating, but so is the beauty in the consciousness of more and more people." – Anthony Kiedis

There seems to be chaotic weather all over the world at the moment. Cape Town got a taster, but I think that was just one last clean up before summer comes along. Preparing a clean slate for a much anticipated season as it were.
I can assure you there is nothing tasty about the way things are going down in Louisiana, Alabama, Cuba and parts of India though. Having already done with summer, I am not sure what their excuse is for such impressive storms. The weather is going mental and the people are struggling with it. I suppose it is not ideal if you are living on the banks of a river which reverses its direction of flow as it did in one of the towns in India this weekend.
Cape Town was told to brace for a storm which was supposed to be pretty intense. Nothing like what those guys above have experienced though and if you embraced it like many of the Capetonians did you would have seen much beauty in it. In my brothers case it was while cruising home from Bravo restaurant on the beach road in Greenpoint. He said it was like driving through a giant Cappucino as the foam caused by the pounding waves on the promenade was so thick and high even as far back as on the actual road itself. Those that popped into Polana restaurant in Kalk Bay for a quick glass of red wine were treated to a surprise amusement park style ride. The cozy room refurbished to really enjoy the ambiance of the rocks and ocean, just a stones throw away, was embraced by a large wave thrown up by the storm. It was so large it broke a window upstairs at the Harbour House so you can imagine the fanfare caused with the tons of water washing right into Polana. Lifting small children off their tiny feet and perhaps dragging a couple back out to sea ... I am not sure I was not there, but if they were misbehaving in the car earlier on then that is probably what happened ... and fare enough.
I know the roof blew of the Point Virgin Active gym. The beauty in that? Well I suppose nothing, but well worth a mention.
Not all fun and games in Cape Town storms though, our cleaning lady is not able to come in to work as her house was flooded. Chaos and beauty.

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