Thursday, September 18, 2008

‘I’ve found the link between apes and civilized man – it’s us’ Konrad Lorenz

I watched CNN news again yesterday. I generally skip around between SKY, BBC and CNN and watch every second day or so. I must admit though the only reason I watch these and not Aljazeera and CNBC news channel is only because the signal for the latter two are, for some extremely confusing reason, only able to give me a little tease before loosing the picture. It is all really rather baffling to be sure, but I have no idea how to go about getting this sorted out. Dealing with call center fools you say? You got to be kidding me right?

So CNN yesterday showed a clip of the American President yesterday. He was commenting on the attack on the US embassy in Yemen. Leaving the politics aside and just having a look at Georgie Bush doing his thing I was once again astounded at what a fool the man is. It really is just intolerable to accept that this absolute prick is the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. He is clearly not interested in anything but his self preservation. A man of such little substance he may as well be a sack of fertiliser and the quicker he decomposes the better.
What is worrying though is that there are so many that obviously back this type of Cretan. Now that is a poor reflection on the state of man. The existence of a fool like Bush is understandable. Mistakes are made in the evolution of all species. The existence of those standing in line behind him lending support and feeding him energy and power though, is doing nothing to bring us closer to bridging the gap to reaching civilisation, rather it has us sliding backwards so perilously.

Not to worry PlanetPi is here to help tilt the balance.

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