Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"You can’t really live in Cape Town," he says ...

"You can’t really live in Cape Town," he says. "Everyone there seems to be retired or to have a trust fund. Joburg may be a mad, doomed city but boring it ain’t." - Rian Malan

A bit harsh by this controversial individual of old, but quite funny none the less. He seems to be the kind of guy that gets excited when a new batch of drugs hits town or happy hour kicks in at the bar so I would not really take his reference to Cape Town being boring too seriously. I just enjoy the way he mentions everyone in Cape Town seems to be retired or on a trust fund.
I think the vibe he is getting at is that people go out of their way to act really dis attached to their work at times.
I have noticed this a lot with the youngsters - especially lately, and one of the clear signs that the guys seem to be using to show they are either, trust fund kids, in a cool job, not bothered about their job or are actually from Durban, is by wearing slops... you know, plakkies? No idea? Sandals, flip-flops, slip-slops? If it was busting down with heat I would not look twice at the guys, but over the last two weeks with rain belting down and temperatures still in the low teens, I have noticed a substantial amount of Havaiana's at the end of a pair of jeans. The irony is that the winter scarves have not even been ditched yet so often you can spot a dude wearing both sandals, and a scarf and a beanie. Quite a vibe and totally acceptable. I think it contributes to the Cape Town character. These guys are showing their commitment to the vibe. When summer hits properly there will be no awkward transition phase. As Joburg comes stomping down to Cape Town in their thick soled, black leather Bronx with a lekker silver buckle, the Cape Town oues will be ahead of the game

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