Thursday, September 25, 2008

"How fortunate for leaders that men do not think." – Adolf Hitler

They knew it then and they know it now. Guys as clever as that lunatic Hitler are cashing in on the fools that will actually back them as leaders. There are just too many cases to mention. What is it then that people follow in other men that makes them leaders?
Is it a situation of circumstance so they just keep backing them ... that is the idea that 'well, he has got so far so there must be something good about him'. Is it in fact our inherent ability to spot great leaders and then be willing to support them? Nooo I don't think we have that ability working for us right now. Perhaps it is the fact that we know the position is not for us, so any other that shows confidence must be good for it? Could be a bit of that.
I think the way a leader used to be picked was probably a little more honest and natural. In small groups it was just the one who managed to be physically stronger than the others or intelligent enough to be 'tight' with those of the community that had the strength, and then harness that in a group effort.

Now days I think that has gone out the window and people will just back whom ever comes across strongest in the media. I think the 'spin' that the media has to play is the most powerful factor in choosing a leader. The media and word of mouth, but most word of mouth will have its original source at some form of media. Very few people really know what is going on with the agenda of those they are placing their mark next to and that's just what the guy at the top is counting on.
Do people really believe that these punks have the populations best interests at heart and not just their own agenda? Not the likes of any I see that have access to the power to rule. In fact I don't believe it is possible in this environment and the way it stands, to be able to stay in one's position if all you had to say was presented for all to hear.
But they don't need to because we accept the things that they tell us only because they know it is what we want to hear! How simple we are (your part of we that is, my part of we DOES NOT VOTE!). Its like a formula that with a couple of other pieces in place, even the likes of Reagan, Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Jesse 'The Body' Ventura (wrestler), Boris Johnson and in the nearish future Lance Armstrong are able to tap into.
Actually there is more openness about these guys than about the actual politicians and I even quite enjoy Boris Johnson and look forward to his next move ... not just for entertainments sake, but because it actually might do some good without him having to worry about all the crap of politicking - something he is still good at and has to deal with, but not something that he puts above his actual tasks as London Mayor.

The problem in the guys ruthlessly after power know all the tricks and have all the friends in the media to help them get it. No wonder its all falling apart.

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