Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ambition - The journey of a thousand miles sometimes ends very, very badly

Its good to have goals. Its not ideal being attached to them. The only certainty is that you can then be disappointed in the outcome. What is important is to set those goals and work full tilt at reaching them. You'll find once you loose the attachment to the end resuuuuuuuult that you will actually be more effective AND enjoy the journey to the end goal so much more.

This little salmon dude hopefully had a good life and was not looking forward too much to the outcome (even if it was to find a hot babe salmon chick and get laid at the end of his journey up stream) as you can see all too clearly he is just a piece in a greater puzzle ... in this case a 10 000 piece puzzle of a hungry Grizzly.

Taking this thinking into the world we do our thing in from day to day, I think there is a good scenario to demonstrate these thoughts in action.
Take old people: In simple cultures the old people are so much more content with their situation after living a life with daily challenges that brought them happiness and satisfaction there and then. Those are the cultures least caught up in the trappings of the society I live in. Those oldies still remain a very important part of the community for the people that they find themselves in the company off, even respected and admired. My perception is that they are far more content and peaceful than the ...

Old people in my world? Not much is thought of them I am afraid. Perhaps the odd passing thought of how funny they dress or how out of touch they are. Not many seem too happy either. There just seems to be a ton of regret, bitterness and self loathing as the realisation hits of how futile 'its' all been. They are treated like they have become children again. They are made to feel helpless because they are told that is what they are. The adjustment to becoming older has been ignored as they have been too busy chasing what they thought was important. So much invested in that pursuit and now it suddenly hits home that the important things are all too simple, free and were there all the time to get their teeth into and they missed it!
Not likely to be able to start fresh now, it is into a wallowing pool of despair or at best apathy that they now exist and that's where we expect them to be. To work past all the crap that they have built up over the years is not even contemplated for most - I don't think.

My Grandmother who died just a few years back was sensational. Never one to move with the flock of other western grannies. I would always be expecting her back from places like India, with strange musical instruments or cushions with miniature mirrors in them. Totally exotic vibe for the time. She would never wear those funny granny outfits that seem to be handed out at old age homes and places the oldsters gather. Always a skirt of bright flowers with a neatly tucked in white shirt and some comfy shoes. Those eyes were constantly alive and awake with much intelligence and confidence. There was tons of pain and disappointment to deal with in her life I am certain, but I never noticed her striving for something that was not worth the journey. The journey of her life seemed so worthwhile and not because of the results, but because of the way she lived it.
My buddy Andy recently posted a piece on hindsight ... it is generally accepted that you can't have it. Fortunately on PlanetPi, time in not linear so this whole blog serves as hindsight for YOU when you are 82 ... come back from that age now and adjust, add to and savour your life so you don't get too caught up in those attachments you are told, and sold, are all important.

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