Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"They’re prescription. That’s why I wear them." – Jack Nicholson

Mine went missing this weekend at my brothers 'Safari' party. Eric-the-viking was the culprit and I was about to track him down when he sent me an sms to explain. I was not to worry and he had them all safely in hand after walking off with the wayfarer's in a drunken moment of thoughtfulness. All is forgiven Eric. You could easily have blamed it on the dude in the Ape Suite though.

That's what this blog was about. A call to action to see who had my old sunnies. They were found before I could post it though so problem solved. You can stop looking for them and get back to watching those Olympics in Beijing.
Have you been watching? The Chinese have got away with things for the moment, but I reckon there is some heavy shit brewing. Just as a warm up check out how they dumped the little girl with angelic voice and crooked teeth for a prettier version to have on show. Not too serious I agree, but a good analogy to the overall picture of the Olympics in China. Have you heard about the Chinese dude who went crazy and stabbed two American supporters of the Volleyball team? Probably not. Hey I am enjoying the sports, but these Chinese punks have not gone about 'building' these Olympics the correct way and that has left a bad taste in my mouth. Kind of like I should imagine the smog must taste in Beijing.

post script: Did you watch the opening ceremony? I caught about a half hour and was watching the 'supporters' along the side of the track as the teams marched into the stadium. No one can jump around and wave there arms in the air for that long. There must have been some torture method going on there. My guess is they were told they would have to look after the Aussies for two weeks if they stopped waving.

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