Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Begin each day as if it were on purpose." - Alex Hitchins

I know a guy who did today! Geeez I am teary eyed and buzzing after Llandudno won our first gold medal ever - so far. Jan Frodeno gave the most incredible performance this morning in China ... Beijing to be precise. Jan was competing in the Mens Triathlon. One of the most hotly contested events in the OLYMPICS with the most incredible athletes taking part and preparing themselves stukkend to make sure they would be the one's to finish with Gold. Jan had a chance but was certainly no favourite, what with that fast little Spaniard Gomez in the mix as well as others who had consistently finished ahead of Jan in the world series. The thing is if he managed to be there at the finish anything was possible in at the Olympics.
The comment most used when speculating about the winner in the last 6 months was probably "it's going to take a little bit extra from whom ever wins", I suggested in a message to Jan that although he was competing under the German flag he had the extra African something special that he should use as his 'something extra'. It was probably an extra dose of German resolve that got him over the line first, BUT we are very happy for Jan and feel closer to that gold medal knowing he began all that preparation riding up the killer Llandudno hill for each session of training as a youngster before heading North to represent his country of heritage.
Stoked Jan! You are a legend so I hope you enjoy the moment as much as you deserve to. Wunder Shurn Bro!

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