Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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“When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.” – The ‘Arch’ - Tutu

I was watching that madman Mugabe on CNN yesterday. It was a strange place to watch the little devil. I walked into the men's change room at Gym and he was on one of the TV sets they hang on the wall. (I wonder if they have these in the women's change room as well and if they do what channels do they show?). There is a plush leather couch for one's viewing pleasure so I slumped down in it to listen the ranting lunatic. Off course he blamed the food crises of Southern Africa and Zimbabwe on the Imperialistic colonisation that he pins on the English at any opportunity he is given.

We all know how evil he is and what chaos and hardship he has caused for so many. It's incredible he is still aloud to speak at a forum like the summit they had for the world wide food crisis. Having a go at Colonisation did remind me of this pearler that our Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu let rip a few years back now.

Getting back to those Gym change rooms though while we are at it. I have an issue that will go down well in a blog forum so I think I will tell the story. Last year I was changing in the men's change room at the Virgin Active in Wembly Square. After a shower I return to my locker and see a small piece of paper rolled up and stuck into the padlock. My heart sank ... this could only be bad news. I looked around and there was nobody else there so I read the note. 'Hot Body' were the words and a phone number to go with it. My eternal optimism got off the mark quickest and I thought a little angel must have left it there. I quickly realised that some gay punk was a LOT more likely. It really pissed me off. I showed my little bother the note when I saw him a short while later. He went berserk with laughter. He could not handle it and tried to tell me it was the funniest thing he had seen as he gasped for breath and leaned against the wall for support.
Now I am not gay bashing, but when it comes to change rooms and with Cape Town having such a large number of gay men at the gyms, I am getting closer and closer to deciding I will feel more comfortable in the women's change room. I promise I won't look too closely girls. The thing is what is the difference between me being in the women's change room and not gawking at the beauties (yea what ever) and some dodgy old bastard checking me out properly while I towel down. It's so blatant I tell you. At least I would be discrete and leave my camera at home. That's right!... I saw a notice up at the Point Virgin Active asking members to please not take photos with there cell phones in the change rooms! Vokkit! Thinking about it now that's decided, I'll be showering in the women's change rooms from now on fore sure.
I hope they don't mind if I change the channel to the rugby.

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GoneWithTheWind said...

Dude, you're fair game in a gym locker.

Consider it - really - if you hit on a chick by leaving a note twisted up in her padlock, that would make sense to you.. to a gay guy, twisting up a note in another guys padlock is only one of his ways of trying to score.. can you blame him? Would've been freaky if the gay guy left a note for a girl, no?

I thought straight guys kinda liked being hit on by gay guys.