Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"It’s a boxing match Tommy. Not a tickling competition. These lads are out to hurt each other "– Turkish

Yes, this is still my go to movie any time I am in doubt. A cult classic which will surely only strengthen it's status until it rises to the ranks of legend. Turkish, surely one of the all time great guys that any man would aspire to be as tough as. The storyline is loosely strung to a world of underground boxing bouts that are rigged by a London crime boss - BrickTop. The evil dude who feeds those pesky dead bodies (they tend to pile up in his line of work) to his collection of pigs.

Having watched the odd game of Euro 2008 and seeing those damn Portuguese, Italian's, Spanish and other soft-like-butter punks crumble to the floor at the slightest hint of brushing an opponent, I can't help but cringe at their behaviour. Those fools really need to cut that shit out of the game. It detracts so much from what are some brilliant clashes. There are some tough guys out there that don't dive all over the show and that just shows up the idiots who do. I mean you don't see Wayne Roonie falling all over the show when an opponent comes within his 1m range. But then again you wouldn't see the lad would you as England did not qualify as one of the top 16 countries of Europe and are not playing in Euro 2008! Pwaaaaaaa! I love it.

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