Monday, June 16, 2008

“Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest in Monte Carlo and came in third”. Mr Goodkat D

How cool is that? Such an icon for what was 'his' tramp look and he could not even get the live audience to vote in his favour when attempting to win the competition. Amazing. One must remember that at the time he was as recognisable as say Tiger Woods.
This has given me hope and I have decided to take Tiger on. Take him on in a game of Wii golf that is. Just to see if I can be more like him than he is. You see a buddy of mine introduced me to Wii Golf and tennis this weekend after a few beers. Colin has two kids as does Sean and they were on hand to make sure the old dogs were doing everything just right. I can't help noticing that the dimensions of the room for playing the new in motion video games are suited perfectly for 6ft men pretending to swing a club than to 3 year old Bella. Colin assures me it's for the kids though. Apparently the amount of exercise they get from the Wii off-sets the old problem of kids spending too much time playing video games instead of running about outside in the traffic. I don't think he need be worried about the lack of movement with these little imps. I was a human jungle gym while seven putting an easy put away just as I had taken the lead. Colin must have given a secret sign to his offspring to launch them into action of distraction. Not unlike the late Earl Woods bashing his poitjie kos pot behind a 5 year old Tiger as he sweetly drove his 208th drive of the morning down the not-so-fairway.
When the 9 holes were done I was not in the lead (did I mention the 7 put fiasco?) but I think I have real talent and look forward to the next 9 holes. Tiger better show. I hope he knows we'll be playing for Tequila.

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