Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"There's nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depends on how good you are at it." - Billie Joe Green Day

Wimbledon started yesterday. I have great memories of the many days I have spent at the most famous tennis tournament of them all. Not least of all would be the one's of when I managed to convince the lovely lady who was in charge of accreditations for the tournament, that I was a coach. I received a fully fledged assistant coaches pass, complete with photo, barcode and all. From then on I could just cruise in and out as often as possible. Those two weeks I was certainly no looser.
Yesterday, in the opening game of the tournament on Centre Court, there was only ever going to be one looser as the defending champion took on a bottom feeder - as is tradition. Federer issued some serious scoreboard pain to Dominik Hrbaty who was just happy to be a part of the Centre Court action. In loosing so comprehensibly the young lad still managed to entertain. In the final change over Hrbaty decided to sit down, not at his chair, but he took it upon himself to sit snugly down next to the Champion for a chat. My guess is that he was asking Roger Federer if he would just give him one set to keep him out there for just a few more minutes. 4 minutes later the match was over and the cheeky upstart was out. He went off the courts with a huge smile on his face, the crowds were having a good laugh at his antics and even old Roger managed to relaxed swiss smile which was cool. So the looser did something new to make people take note of him and add to his experience. A good way to loose.

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