Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It is often said that before you die your life passes before your eyes. It is in fact true. It’s called living … Terry Pratchett

I just got back from the Medi Clinic Emergency ward. I had to pop in to see if my buddy Millertime was not in too much trouble. He was still freshly bashed up when I got there, but let me take you back an hour to put things in place.

It is a cracker of an evening in Cape Town again and the sea water temp is just peachy. Pushing the 20's I tell you - bliss. I sms Millertime to meet me at Camps Bay for a session of bats and then a swim across the Bay. His last sms to me: 'where do we meet?Speedo or boardies? What time?'
I reply: 'Speedo, in front of Sandbar see you in 15min - no stress'
That was the last I heard from him and after waiting 30mins on the beach I wondered if something else had made him late - its not like he does not know the way there. I knew he was coming from town on his scooter. I also knew he was likely to rope his lovely lady Bron in for the beach so perhaps the time had been pushed out a bit to make sure she could get there after work. Not a problem, but I decided to give him a call to check out the vibe. No answer and phone is off. Strange. I pop down to Mark the massage dude and ask him to keep my bag while I go for a swim. Just as I am about to make my way into the surf, Millertimes Dad calls:

"Hi Ryan. Greg asked me to call you to tell you he won't be able to meet you on the beach ... he is in hospital after an accident on his scooter."

I quiz Mel about the state of his son. He does not know much and is on his way to the hospital. Now what really blew me away is the fact my buddy has just been T-Boned by a four wheeler Golf Jumbo jumping a red light from Long Street over Whale. The scoot is mangled and so is Greg. Although no head injuries or broken parts of his skelington, he does have some chunks of flesh missing and a massively bruised hip. And even amongst all this personal shock and pain he is marshaling his family to get a message to his buddy to make sure he is not left wondering why he did not turn up for a swim.

When I got to the emergency ward the nurse was chastising the fellow from a dizzy height. Something about helmets and speed and general lecturing that our boy had turned off to. All in all a fortunate fellow in a situation that could have been phenomenally worse. Another phenomenon is the extent of the regard that Millertime holds his friends in. Hope you feel better soon punk. Good to have some more war wounds to show Al. Don't forget to look into the human high jump mat you landed on.

post script: Part of the reason Millertime remains relatively well intact is the fact that he landed on a women pedestrian upon his descent from the sky after being launched yonder from the force of the impact. So he landed on this poor thing who was taken to hospital in a neck brace.

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Millertime's Lady said...

A further phenomenon is the unbelievable support Millertime gets from his friends. It was a fight to the line for who would be responsible for picking up the pieces of the scooter. Mark won. Nick visited after golf. Pi ditched the ocean and made his way to the ER. Awesome.