Wednesday, January 21, 2009

'GOODBYE BUSH' - Veet advertisement

There is a ton of Obama 'stuff' out there at the moment, hey of course there is. I mean this is the biggest thing since Nelson Mandela gave birth to Francois Pienaar back in 1995 I think it was. Anyway my brainy cousin Damian put 50 pounds on Obama winning the whole shebang shebang early in 2008 at 17/1 and cashed in nicely.
I on-the-other-hand do not back Obama. Nore Madiba actually. They deal in politics you see, and that is a game not worth the energy it devours. I think they are both cool guys and don't lump them in with the other bad eggs out there, but are they honest? Not a dot of it I'm afraid.

The world was watching though and so was Australia. An ad agency down under got it spot on with this little beauty in the Australian Daily Telegraph for their client Veet.

Good work people.

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