Monday, July 14, 2008

"Some people are like slinkies,they don’t really have a purpose,but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down the stairs"-PlanetPi

Sometimes an individual manages to get under my skin to the extent that I feel for their safety. I have largely got my emotions under control when it comes to irrates in my vacinity, this weekend in Knysna however I decided that this fool would be inducted into the PlanetPi hall of fame for Dickheads who I will no longer spend any energy on - unless that energy is an upercut to the jaw or a baseball bat (My Louisville Slugger is so hungry sitting in the corner of my room) to the knee caps.

The twit in question has always presented opportunities for me to exercise restraint. The first time I remember was 3 years ago when standing around a braai and having just met my girlfriend he anounces to everyone within earshot (in his case a loutish and brash scream which he uses most of the time instead of a voice meant that earshot reached from the braai to minimum of a 4km radius) that if she is single anytime soon he would love a crack at her. Understand please that this guy is not a guy that I know well. More like someone that sometimes ends up in the same place as me just a few unfortunate occasions a year.

All in all Knysna was awesome and the buddy I stayed with was brilliant to put us all up and make sure we were comfortable enough to cruise the half marathon as fast as possible. Pitty this idiot had to kill all the moments I was in his presence... all of them, without exception. Fortunately I managed to avoid him while running, while watching the Springboks klop the All Blacks (sweet! Result!) and while taking a walk with my buddies dogs in the forest which were the three highlights of the weekend.

It's a lonely place the afore mentioned hall of fame, but he sits there as a full life time member - the idiotic punk.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the walk in the forest, no doubt our highlight as well.
--- Bali & Charlie