Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Man’s mind stretched with a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions." – Oliver Holmes

So how stretched is you mind right now? Do you keep going back to ideas already formed? Ideas that are comfortable and work for you so you feel that you are content and fine to sit back and cruise along just marking time.

When you make your roast chicken, do you always set the timer the same, cook the same veggies to go with it and eat it with the same gravy? Or have you tried turning down the dile from 180 degrees to 120 degrees so the juice does not burn off but helps cook the bird slowwwwly. Perhaps squeeze a lemon or two over your roast for the last 2o min of cooking and then eating the thing with your fingers ... mmm? When driving the coast road between Camps Bay and Hout Bay, do you ever turn your same old radio station off, open the windows and breath the salty, seaweedy air - even in winter when it's cold, even if it's raining? Does your breathing ever grab your attention ... have you noticed how much extra space there is even after a normal breath for a little something extra, take it in - it's free and worth it.
Can you feel your mind expand? Perhaps a little? Cool ... take that space and and fill it with another new idea. What have you got? Still nothing? How about when you next find yourself in Pretoria and walking over some jacaranda flowers carpeting the tarmac and concrete, stop, look for a thick section and jump on it 8 times, listen out for the popping as those little guys explode under your shoes (Pretoria too far? Then click on this little beauty as a substitute). Don't worry about passers buy checking you out, they're not going to recognise you anyway, what with your expanded mind bulging out of your head and making you look so different and all. No expansion yet? Geeeez! Ok last few and then I got to go. Can you stand on your head for a minute? You've never tried right? Take your shoes off and do a hand stand against the wall, leaving your head attached to the ground. Do it now, in the office is fine. Feel the blood rush to your brain. Don't worry about it getting pooled down there, as by now there really should be some space from the expansion process taking place. Wait a few seconds and let the discomfort turn to curiosity, learn to deal with it.
Ok you're on your own, let me know what it is that makes your mind expand and change your dimensions forever.

Post Script: Stare at the image. Just Watch carefully the center of the brown “dot”, you will notice that it appears to be expanding. You can also see that the center blurred spot isn’t vanishing, rather expanding, but the outer yellow surrounding is slowly disappearing.

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Anonymous said...

Everything, yet nothing but still something :-)