Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much ... Oscar Wilde

I have some friends who are able to do this and they are a relaxed bunch I tell you. I however, struggle to forgive the waiter who forgets to bring a jug of water with my order, never mind the punk who stole my girlfriend. I do believe whole heartedly in this quote though. I have experimented with forgiving some frustrating acts or situations that would normally have me adding another name to the idiots of the world that I cannot tolerate list. The confusion on the side of the wrongdoer is brilliant to behold.
My recent favourite was in 'Woolworths' this week. A 40ish year old, half-women-half-piece-of -plastic, pretended to be reaching for some of those delicious chocolate shortcake treats. As she reached for them she also pushed brashly and presumably unashamedly past me in the checkout queue.
I said nothing, not even a little huff to show my irritation. Expecting a fight though, the line-jumping perpetrator turned around ready for a confrontation. I just pointed to her bag of choccies and announced out loud, so that all those behind me in the queue and importantly all the cashiers could here me:
“I am sure you are a lot hungrier than me my dear. Go ahead, I don’t mind, that super size bag of Chocolates is not going to eat itself now is it?”
The cashiers laughed out loud as the shame and guilt reigned down on the women. I did enjoy that moment I can tell you.

Post script: The plastic parts of the women were the various bits from the belly button upward that were years younger than her withering self.
I see no shame in eating a massive bag of chocolates, but I knew the rude women would.

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Anonymous said...

pie - did you actually really truely, kid you not - say this??