Monday, April 20, 2009

A cool dude runs Saatchi & Saatchi and he is on his way to CT

Aaa how fantastic that you will get a chance to visit our country.

I am so happy to be living here and enjoyed you blogging on what is
indeed a truly incredible and interesting place to live. I have in fact
been working under Mr Eastwoods direction in that movie and just wrapped
yesterday after two months of playing one of the Springboks. How strange
to pull on the Jersey and sing Nkosi with the Panavision Camera close in
attendance. The rugby scenes v the All Blacks were just too special!

The Warner Brothers movie experience was phenomenal and cant wait to see
the finished project at the end of the year -this movie is sure to be a
cracker in its own right, not to mention what it can do for South Africa
and the game of rugby throughout the world.

I must also tell/warn you that Matt is a top guy and a handy poker
player. I lost an exciting hand to him while holding trip 7's!

I too am a story teller and actually writing one that flows from my
heart about a childhood under apartheid. A writing and emotional
experience I am enjoying immensely. Not all white people were a part of
the major wrong doings in the country at the time off course, and not
every black person carries the relatively new found opportunity of
'freedom' forward in the most productive or integrous way. The country
still faces huge challenges as the ANC is looked upon with narrowed eye
brows from those that sat in prisons and sacrificed so much for it in an
excruciating past. I had a very interesting chat to Zelda (Madiba's
personal assitant extraodinaire) on Wed night in this regard.

KR when you are in CT pls feel free to look me up as
I have a super insight to this fairest of cities that you could make use
of.There are Lovemarks a plenty that occur in Africa's unique way of
expressing itself - from the Mining Helmuts that together with the
Vuvuzela (don't worry if these are not familiar yet, they will become
familiar in 2010 WORLD CUP)have become so much part of the game of
soccer, to the table cloth of cloud that covers our flat Table Mountain!
Not all are commercial love marks perhaps, but just as intensely revered
and loved.
I am good buddies with Bob Skin as well if you need a reference :)
Safe trip and enjoy your stay as I am certian you shall.

Ryan Scott

From Kevin


Great to hear from you - your passion's infectious!


Kevin Roberts
Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide CEO

2009: Winning Ugly Together


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