Monday, May 26, 2008

A refusal of praise is a desire to be praised twice - François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld

Humility is a fantastic trait to include in your personality quiver. Do you have friends that posses this trait? Do you have humid friends? (Ha ha ... clearly I don't know the correct word for that one).
If you do have some humid friends, I hope you are not getting mixed up with those that cannot accept praise.
This is something that gets to me in this modern age. Somewhere along the line many people seem to have adopted a notion that accepting a compliment is a show of some form of arrogance. That the compliment should rather be rebutted and pushed back at the sender as the intended recipient silently gloats in the words with what must be a certain amount of guilt.
I have a friend who when being interviewed after a great game of rugby would always say thanks when his skills were mentioned. After thanking the interviewer he would then include his team mates in the praise. I think that is a lot more honest than denying it was he that played well and bestowing the honours to someone else. How many women these days, when told they look outstanding in a new pair of winter boots (this winter it seems to be wellington boots?), or a evening dress, will feign indifference even though they have agonised for hours over what sort of reaction they will get? My good buddy and running partner always lets me join in his delight when reaching his targets that I know he has trained so diligently for, by saying thanks and acknowledging the achievement before we talk about the run piece by piece. Now if I could just get someone to notice my new 100% cotton, fitted boxer shorts.

post script: Check out the wellies

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