Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Jerry stick a fork in me...I'm done." Kramer

What a way to describe that you are finished with something, or something is finished with you. Kramer is an actor that has made me laugh harder than most when Seinfeld used to be on the air. The quote above is so final and you can use it for many a situation. I've used it after falling asleep on the beach and waking up in some scorching sun. There was no debate, that session was over, I was done. More than five tequila's will do me, I once ate a loaf of bread and was done. Riding 900km in 8 days over mountains this year did me good and proper.
I have only reached 2min 20sec watching Georgie Bush before I am done. A lot of my friends have got a few toddlers running around. When they have used up all their energy those little dudes are hilarious. Fighting to keep their eye's open while their heads loll about like they can't remember which way it should be pointing. They are truly done.
Kramer (Michael Richards) was doing some stand up comedy the other day and a guy started heckling him. He added some racist slander into his piece to get back at the guy and it all kicked off. It seems Chris Rock can go as crazy as he likes when having a go at his own race, but there are a separate set of comedian laws for the likes of Kramer. Well after a court case or two Kramer is in the clear, but has hung up his comedy boots. Seems he is done.

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