Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nou wat nou?

So it's the 2nd of June and for some reason, this is a time to blog again. Don't ask me why (I know you won't anyway, but you get the drift). The thing is, I have not been lazy or uninspired to blog. Clearly it has not been a lack of content that has kept me from posting. There is more going on at this time on the planet than ever. It has just been the other alternatives to blogging that have had my attentions.

As you can see to the right ... *takes time to look to the right along with you and notice the column of tweets that are pretty active most days ... the twitter vibe has grabbed my interest, along with millions of others. I found it was more fun just bashing out a short blurb on twitter, rather than the blogging thing.

But I am back now so lets see what happens. I am more curious than anyone to see what transpires. I'm thinking a lot more videos and smaller bits of vibe. Yes that sounds good. Keep it true to me and if anyone enjoys it then awesome ... if its a load of shit to you then that's fine too. Natural selection works on PlanetPi too. On that note, its too awesome to see new friends doing so well and actually making use of blogging as a career or as a major chunk of there representation in the social world or cyber.

Check you soon I am sure. Till then .... eye's right. Ole'

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