Monday, November 1, 2010

Pick n Pay punks

On the way home from a mornings work in the CBD, I noticed two fella's at the traffic lights holding up pieces of cardboard with some black Bic Pen scribbling on it. Not the most effective placard for what turned out to be two representatives of the nationwide strikers in some kind of Pick n' Pay dispute. Strikers are not that interesting though, and as I noticed more on each of the intersections I moved through, I lost more and more sympathy for the mob.

Later in the day I needed to grab some cleaning poisons for the maid (no I don't mind saying Sylvia is the maid at all ... I see these days some get touchy about the word maid and at first sign of their derision I start busting it into as many sentences as possible) so I decided to check in on the local Pick n' Pay ... to see if it was still standing or if the mob and there scribbled messages of discontent had managed to bring down the house.

I made it through the toi toi'ing, singing employees, who seemed incredibly happy to be out of the 'office', and not all that perturbed about what the unions had informed them was all awry; and found my way safely to the ground floor of the Gardens Centre. A quick collection of Handy Andy, Domestos wadda wadda wadda and I had worked up a decent hunger so I hit the chicken isle.

Here the blood pressure rises and the reason for this particular blog. Pick n' Pay you mother fuckers. Let me just clue you in that I, like an incredibly impressive and ever increasing large amount of chicken buyers, have been favouring the Elgin Free Range variety as my first, and in fact only choice. I have watched this rather small company from over the Hottentots Holland Mountain Range grow from strength to strength. I even once had the occasion to visit the chickens when mountain biking in the area and met the family responsible for this chicken that is the least like plastic and silicone and a lot more like real chicken than any other on the shelf.
It really has been a success story and an honest one at that which is rather rare.

So I get to the isle as I mentioned and there it was right there in front of me like a bad joke. A joke that starts off badly and as realisation sets in it turns out the joke was actually about my mother and the sickness sets in. You see, what Pick n' Pay his done is as evil as it gets. The punks have taken the exact branding the Elgin chicken is packaged put their crap in it and placed it basically on top off and all around the Elgin chicken. No Pick n' Pay red white and blue, but rather the exact pantones from the little guy. What a bunch of ball busters. Bullying is pure evil. Ray and Jono Ackers better sort this shit out or they gonna get whats coming to them ... no doubt.

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