Saturday, January 2, 2010

Upside down

While cruising the Internet I was presented with a picture of a whale swimming in some clear blue water, but although it all looked real, something stood out as not quite right. When I read the caption it revealed itself to be a unique image, shot by photographer Kate Westerway, in that it was printed upside down. She wanted to present the image from the whales perspective.

On New Years Eve I felt a similar feeling when staring up at the sky before going to bed. In the Cape Town city bowl the clouds were covering the sky in little puffs that were packed closely together, but with the full moon behind them, showing the definite spaces between them. I imagined the North Pole and the breaking up of a massive sheet of ice and the Polar Bears moved from small island to small island until they have to swim miles to find some sturdy footing.
This image was also seemed to me to be upside down which made the whole feel extremely surreal and mysterious.

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Being Brazen said...

Awesome whale picture :)