Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mozi v Fly

Have you ever noticed how Mosquito's differ in one major way to another creature also so very irritating and repulsive - the fly? Both cruise about your body in their tiny form causing much discomfort and irritation. Both are smaller than your pinky fingernail and can get you in a spin quicker than the cup and saucer at the roller coaster park (pwwaaaa the Cup and Saucer they still have that ride? My kids will laugh knowing that was actually a ride one day when they jump on the TripleDeckerThuderDeathRaptureExoViboBotoNutter that I have to pay ... I have to pay enough to have taken 30 Cup And Saucer rides with ... when I have kids that is ... I don't have any yet - my best friend does, he had one yesterday .... with the help of his wife ... Mazoltof Moff!).

Well I was explaining the difference btw the Mozi and the Fly other than their names and a shitload of other things. But the one I want to talk about is the fact that: when you swat at - and miss - a fly, the punk just speeds up and now your first chance has gone at splatting him every which way. I am quite adept at still grabbing the bugger out of the sky, but then I have skills of a super agile Boxberg cat in December that has not been fed since its 'owners' popped down to Stilbaaie for the holidays and left him nix om te eet nie. The cat sees a field mouse mommy and her 4 fieldmouse babies and one runt baby crossing the Totsie path in the veld and pounces on the lagging runt quicker than the human eye. What is that you say? You have never seen a cat have a go at a runt field mouse on a Totsei path in the veld? Exactly! THAT'S how quick I am.

Got it? Okay well what I was saying is, its interesting to me as to how the fly speeds up when you swat at and miss it, HOWEVER .... the Mosquito just keeps hovering about like a Bergie waiting for me to put the dustbin tromel out on a Tuesday morning. Harder to see then the chunckier fly, but once you do - waaaatcha - Splat and Splash if the naughty Mozi has been sucking you dry before you spotted his sneaky self. Geeez, here comes one now. I reckon I can type one handed and still smash him.


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