Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"I can't watch this man, it's designed to make you cry" - Mike Scott

Most people have their favourite series on TV to watch. At the moment I have been watching Grey's Anatomy which my little boet reckons is just designed to make you cry. I am not sure if that is not why he does not watch, he digs Heroes though which I think is pretty shabby.
2OCeansvibe will tell you to watch Entourage and Californication which are extremely funny on the Hedonistic side of the coin - for me Entourage is a winner. Then the chicks seem to dig all those Fat Betty and Desperate House's In The City which I am not sure there is too much point to.
I tried Prison Break once, but another brother of mine pointed out that the main actor dude always looks confused and so now that one is ruined as every time you see the human-tattoo on the screen it seems as though he can't remember where he put his key's. West Wing shows re-runs on DSTV CH 13 which is incredibly fast and probably intelligent dialogue to follow. For my slow brain, its like a game show and series in one, just trying to keep track of what topic they are mouthing off about. And I digged the teenage dirt bag vibe of the Friday Night Lights. I think mostly for the unglossed over look into small-town-USA which they made watchable.

I wonder when the the series took over from the sitcoms though. And I wonder what the next generation or two will be watching. I mean we had the Cosby Show, The A-Team, Macgyver and the legendary Magnum PI to entertain us. Now its the series and reality TV formats that dominate ... perhaps in the future it will go to private Television stations funded by those that can afford them and are then not regulated by any boards, but can just put out what ever they feel like. I'm not sure exactly how that would work, I mean you not going to get the masses watching Bill Gates TV, but its interesting trying to work out what the future will be on this. Perhaps it will do a full circle and we will be back at Lassie and 7 Brides for 7 Brothers or Little House on the Prairie. Now that would make me cry - in agony.

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